The Majestic Revelation: Unraveling the Al-Quran & Deepening Connections through Azkars

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$36.70 SGD


(This is a non-profit event. The proceeds of the sales of the tickets of this event will go directly to the sponsorship of Majestic Quran to our Muslim Brothers and Sisters who are incarcerated in HMP HMP - Whitemoor, Ashfield, Peterborough, Gloucestershire, Bristol, York & Huntingdon.  

Do kindly note that an administrative fees per ticket purchase is $1.70 (3.5% +$0.50) and would be added to the original ticket price. We seek your kind understanding on this matter, and thank you for your continuous support.)





The Quran serves as a timeless source of guidance, addressing the challenges of our time and offering solutions to the complexities of life. The session will shed light on the preservation of the Al-Quran and Azkars and its universal relevance in shaping our modern lives.

The Majestic Revelation, is Hadyaa's very first session bridging the works of 2 scholars, Dr Musharraf Hussain OBE DL is a British-Pakistani born scientist, educator and religious scholar in Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom and translator of the Majestic Quran and Ustaz Khawja Ehsanullah Shah, a Sufi guide belonging to the Chistiul Qadiri Naqshabandi Suhrawardi wa Sanusi lineage, and author of Prayers for the Anxious Heart. 

Our session itinerary would be as follows: 

1) Opening introduction to Hadyaa and Project Sabeel and the role we play in the community for seekers by Hadyaa's Founder, Bella Khaja.

2) Introduction to Prayers of Anxious Heart & Majestic Quran and how the two are the perfect accompaniment for each other.

3) Learn the ways of how to effectively integrate both books into our lives and deep dive into the importance of the importance of salawat as well as different azkar by Ustaz Khawja Ehsanullah Shah. 

4) Q & A 

5) Book signing as well as food refreshments would be made available to ALL! 

Let us embrace the Quran as a guiding light, drawing strength and inspiration from this profound teachings and may our hearts be filled with love for the Al-Quran, and may its wisdom illuminate our paths, both in this life and the hereafter.