Arabic for Umrah | Bahasa Arab Komunikasi

$65.00 SGD

Arabic for Umrah | Bahasa Arab Komunikasi 

This program aims to provide students with opportunities to practice speaking Arabic in real-life situations, specifically focusing on the context of the Umrah journey.

Students will not only develop their language skills but also gain an understanding of the cultural diversity within the Arabic-speaking world. The curriculum will include practice conversations related to purchasing items, negotiating prices, and seeking assistance, all of which are essential for navigating the Umrah journey effectively and respectfully.

By the end of the program, learners will be equipped with the necessary language skills and cultural understanding to confidently engage in various aspects of the Umrah pilgrimage.

  • Day/Dates: Every Saturday(2 & 9 March 2024)
  • Time: 10 AM - 12.30 PM (2.5hrs)
  • Telegram: Arabic for Umrah (Link would be given upon successful registration) 
  • Subjects covered include: Numbers, Time & Days, Conversation Scenarios, Directions, Health Vocabulary Words and many more!