Gold Na'layn Shareef in Stainless Steel

$120.00 SGD

This product is in stock with limited pieces! Please note that product is not 3 tone in color. Only available in gold and comes with a Gift box! 

In Arabic, the Holy Prophet’s  ﷺ  sandal is known a Na’al. The Na’layn are the blessed sandals of the Messengerﷺ which were used by him ﷺ during his ﷺ life.  

Because this serves as a symbol for Messenger’s ﷺ sandals which holds such value and is revered, due to it being worn on the Blessed Feet of the Greatest of all Creation, an original pair of the Messenger’s ﷺ sandals have been kept and safeguarded in the famous Topkapi Palace Museum in Turkey. There are numerous blessings to be obtained by keeping the Na’layn, and to be kept in a purse for blessing or in a frame on the wall is very popular.

Hanging Instructions:
It can be easily hanged with nails or heavy duty scotch tape.

Cleaning Instructions:
Please clean with a dry and soft cloth. Never wipe with a wet cloth using water, alcohol or any other chemical liquids. Since it has a very glossy surface, it is recommended not to touch the front surface to prevent fingerprints.

Size of Na'layn Shareef: 35cm x 15 cm x 2mm thickness